Ubuntu: dual boot missing files on ntfs


I have 3 partitions: one for Windows 7 (ntfs), one for Ubuntu (ext4) and one just for data (ntfs so both operating systems can see them).

My problem is that I had stored some files on the data partition using Ubuntu and when I booted Windows 7 all that data was gone! After that I couldn't find the files even when using Ubuntu.

My files were simply GONE :(

Is there something I can do in Ubuntu or is it just windows problem?


If you hibernate windows (or purpose or because of power-saving), then use ubuntu to store files on the NTFS partition, and then boot up windows, Windows thinks the disk was corrupted while it was in hibernate and "fixes" anything different. After that loging back into ubuntu just confirms that the files have in-fact been deleted.

Also I have seen that windows 7 may do a chkdsk after it installs updates on shudown when you bring it back up windows does extra tasks related to installing updates, so be careful not to boot into ubuntu after shutting down from updates. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/windows-chkdsk-deletes-files-written-by-ubuntu-on-an-ntfs-partition-913606/

Yes even on a shared partition seprate from the windows partition and take care even with fat partitions (usb drives).

Sources, https://superuser.com/questions/211079/what-do-i-have-to-take-care-of-when-hibernating-both-ubuntu-and-windows-dual-bo/211175#211175 , https://superuser.com/questions/39532/hibernating-and-booting-into-another-os-will-my-filesystems-be-corrupted

Edit: I was looking through the widows site to try and find if they detailed the hibernate process, but this sounds interesting http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd143253(v=winembedded.5).aspx , It seems at best the write caching from the harddrive is being saved to memory, then being written after bringing the drive back up, this may mean that the files can't be recovered, because it's not "deleting" as in removing the first letter of the file so the system does not see it, but actually overwriting large areas of data that have been cached. Needs to be looked into more.


It happened to me as well. After reading a lot about this on internet I came to know that this happens when Windows is in Hibernate mode. There are already some related questions here on askubuntu and also on superuser.

Files disappear on NTFS partition



I have a similar setup to you. I hibernate Windows 7 with a NTFS 'shared' drive, edit the files in Ubuntu, then start Windows 7 to find the changes gone.

As a few workarounds, use an external hard drive or USB drive for your shared files, or

make a hibernate.bat file with the contents (change D:\ to your drive)

mountvol D:\ /D   shutdown /H  

and a startup.bat file with the contents (change D:\ to your drive)

mountvol D: 'VolumeName'  

Run hibernate.bat to hibernate Windows (don't hibernate from start menu!)
Run startup.bat when starting Windows

Also, you may need to disable Windows 8's 'Fast Startup' function



I faced the same problem in win8. Could not access the files saved in fat32 partition in ubuntu from win8. And the solution was disabling the fast start up feature in win8.

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