Ubuntu: DNS fails when 'Use this connection only for resources on its network' is checked


It seems I can only have DNS or Routing working. Not both.

I imported my client's ovpn file and when I connect (with the defaults) I can access resources behind their firewall, their DNS servers take over, and all is good. Only problem: I can't access anything that's not on their server:

  • host onvpn.com
  • host npr.org
  • ping SUCCEEDS
  • ping FAILS

When I check off 'Use this connection only for resources on its network' I can still ping ips behind their server, but DNS on the server dies:

  • host onvpn.com NOT FOUND
  • host npr.org
  • ping SUCCEEDS
  • ping SUCCEEDS

If I uncheck Automatic for DNS (while still leaving "only resources on its network" checked off), and manually enter the addresses for the DNS servers I'm supposed to be using I get the same results.

Can I really only get Routing or DNS, pick one?

I'm on Zesty. I am using the network-manager-openvpn-gnome package to manage the connection. It works fine on my windows machine and Mac (with TunnelBlick) using default settings from the ovpn file.

== EDIT ==

I've run systemd-resolve --status in both states and it looks identical except a tilde in front of the domain when I have "Use this connection..." checked. I'm not sure how else to debug. I really don't want to use Windows or manually editing my hosts file...there's a lot of machines behind the VPN...

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