Ubuntu: Display resolution stuck at 1024*768 after installation [duplicate]


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I have a SSD having dual boot Windows 10 pro and Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS. SSD has two 100GB partitions and the remaining space is unallocated.

During the installation of Ubuntu MATE, I could not install the third party drivers as I could not check the given checkbox as the mouse was not working and I did not know how to do that using the keyboard.

Now the resolution of the display is stuck 1024*768 px. My monitor supports FHD resolution (1920*1080). I have i5-8600k and gigabyte z370 hd3p mobo. No graphics card is installed.

What would be the best solution to fix the resolution issue?

Should I reinstall Ubuntu? Is there a utility that will install all the drivers in the live session?

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