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I am a journalist whose primary job is to translate articles from Russian to English language. Basically what I need is something that watches clipboard too & (via a click or something)auto translate them to some pre-set language (in my case Russian » English).


This project looks interesting - try Dual Clip Translator: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dcliptranslator/

It's "powered by Google", so I bet it will do Russian to English.

The only downside to this program is that there are no DEB's or RPM's. Look for some documentation to find out how to use it. My suspicion is that Linux users must compile from source.


Why won't you use translate.google.com for the translation? You can also install "Auto-Translate" extension for Google Chrome if you want to translate selected text in the browser: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-translate/obgoiaeapddkeekbocomnjlckbbfapmk

And why Fedora in Ubuntu forums? :)


Ther's an Ubuntu based distribution called tuxtrans especially designed for translators. If you don't want to install a new distro and multi-boot, other options include running a VM, Booting the ISO live, and if you want to roll your own a look at the included software and a bit of research should get you there.

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