Ubuntu: Dell firmware updates and newer Ubuntu versions


I am running 16.04 on my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. The laptop came with Ubuntu pre-installed and that's exactly the reason I bought it.

One awesome feature is the Dell firmware updates showing up in the Software center. A simple click and reboot and I my laptop is running the latest and greatest firmware again.

Would I loose this when I manually install, say, 17.04? I would like to play with 17.04 but I am afraid I would need to keep a dual boot around to get the firmware updates, is that correct?


Dell firmware updates, if I am not wrong, are located in the restricted repository.

If you manually install Ubuntu 17.04, just type in a terminal sudo add-apt-repository restricted. Then, search for Dell firmware updates in GNOME Software center. It will work like Ubuntu 16.04, where you still receive firmware updates, unless Dell really decided to abandon Ubuntu's firmware updates (which in this case, Ubuntu 16.04 will also be affected.)

But the best choice, of course, is to keep your existing Ubuntu 16.04, install 17.04 alongside, so that even if you encounter problems, you can still fallback to 16.04 and ask something here.


Currently running Ubuntu 17.10 on XPS 9350 (which came with Windows) - firmware updates still coming in fine.

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