Ubuntu: Déjà Dup with SFTP


I'm trying to setup a backup on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine. I was just going to use the built in backup software, but Déjà Dup doesn't appear to have an SFTP option.

To clarify, I see the SSH option, but my backup location does not allow SSH, only SFTP. If you try to log in via SSH you get a "This service allows sftp connections only." error.

Is it possible to use SFTP with Déjà Dup?


I searched for "deja dup" "sftp" and didn't find any direct confirmation of an SFTP back-end for Déjà Dup, but I found many (old) bug reports about a partially dysfunctional SFTP back-end, so that's an indirect confirmation.

TL;DR: Yes, Déjà Dup supports SFTP back-ends.

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