Ubuntu: Ctrl+Alt+F1 - incorrect login


I have pressed the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+F1, because I wanted to see the output of my commands as they were being executed, but I got the following error: incorrect login.


The most common cause of this error is simply typing your password wrong. The keymap in the console is often subtly different from the one in X.

Make sure you're typing the correct password by first typing it in the login field where you can see if it's being written as expected.

Another thing that will cause this exact same error message is if your login shell is not listed in /etc/shells. Find which shell you're using by searching for your username in /etc/passwd:

grep "dave" /etc/passwd  

(replacing dave with your username) you should see something like this:


The last field (/bin/zsh) is your shell. Let's search for it in /etc/shells:

grep "/bin/zsh" /etc/shells  

We should see something like this:

/bin/zsh  /usr/bin/zsh  

But if you don't, that's what the problem is. Try re-installing zsh (or whatever shell is missing from /etc/shells), and if that doesn't work, add it manually:

echo `/bin/zsh` | sudo tee /etc/shells  

(we use tee because > redirection doesn't work with sudo)


I solved that issue typing the numbers of my password not withe the right-side number keypad, but with the number keys that are over the letters.


Ctrl+Alt+F1 is the first virtual console provided by the getty/agetty programs, sometimes called tty1.

To login there you must to use your Ubuntu user name and the password associated with this user name. If you provide these simple informations correct, you will never see again that error.


Check Number Lock And Caps Lock

And You can try this too

Open the Terminal Application And Enter Following Code

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup   

And choose the right layout there.

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