Ubuntu: The creation of swap space in partition #3 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed


I am trying to install Ubuntu version 16.04.2 LTS onto my computer. My computer has a 3TB HDD which has been formatted and is brand new. I realise that this is a common question, but none of the other answers seem to work for me. If you could please help me, that would be great.

The message reads -

| The creation of swap space in partition #3 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed |  

Yes, the drive is fresh and clean, I haven't formatted it, I assumed it was pre-formatted since I bought it earlier today. I have no idea what a GPT partition table, and I tried to manually partition the drive, and the same result occurred. I am not going to dual boot, or am not planning to in the future


Update #1:

Switching the SATA drive to another SATA port on the motherboard fixed the problem and allowed the user to complete the rest of this answer.

To initialize the hard drive and install Ubuntu...

Boot to the Ubuntu Live DVD/USB and select "Try Ubuntu". Start gparted from the Unity dashboard. Assure that the correct drive is selected in the popup in the top-right corner... it probably says /dev/sda if this is your primary/only hard disk. Warning: the next steps will wipe out whatever drive is selected! Go to the Device menu and choose Create Partition Table.... Choose to lay down a GPT/GUID partition table. Then click the Apply icon. This will leave the hard disk initialized, with 100% unallocated space. Quit gparted.

Now double-click on the Install Ubuntu icon that's on the desktop. Proceed with the installation. From there, you can manually adjust/create the partitions required... or better yet, let the installer choose the correct sizes for you.


I had the same error recently and found no answer works for me.

What I was trying to do is load the image into external hard drive (I want to install the system into it) then boot from the external hard drive and going to install. As the result I got this error message. It is most likely the installer cannot format the external disk (because it was using, I cannot format the file system, otherwise the system will crash)

The solution for me is to load the image into a USB and then boot from it, install the system into my external hard drive.

Hope this solution works for someone like me.

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