Ubuntu: Creates new network connection, instead of the one ive set up to auto connect to VPN


Relatively new to Ubuntu but have loved what I've seen. I have an issue that I haven't been able to resolve though.

Background: I have set up a static ip address by updating the /etc/network/interfaces file by adding:

  • auto enp2s0
  • iface enp2s0 inet static
  • address
  • netmask
  • gateway
  • dns-nameservers

This worked and I was able to access the internet but I got an error if i tried to look at the connection information and there was no network in the edit connections.

To fix this I updated the /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf file by changing it to:

  • [main]
  • plugins=ifdown,keyfile,ofono
  • dns=dnsmasq (commented this out)
  • [ifupdown]
  • managed=true (changed form false)

Now this means my connection was working and I could see and update everything in the edit connections tab.

Next I installed my VPN (I'm using PIA) Which went fine I was able to connect to a VPN.

Now my issue, I wanted to set up my wired enp2s0 connection to automatically connect to the VPN on start up. So I went into edit connection, double clicked on enp2s0 and went to the general tab. I clicked yes for:

  • Automatically connect to this network when it is available
  • Automatically connect to VPN when using this connection

However, my problem is every time I turn my computer on instead of using this connection I have updated, it creates a new network connection also call enp2s0 but without those two things clicked yes. So it isn't automatically going through the VPN.

Can anyone please help me out????

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