Ubuntu: control the mouse


lets see if somebody can give me ideas I want to make the cursor automatically select ten different areas of the browser, and then read and save a small text which will appear every time(maybe on excel) thanks for your time


This sounds like something that could be accomplished with xdotool. You'll need to create a bash script that uses xdotool mousemove and click, likely in the following form:

xdotool mousemove [x location] [y location] click [mouse button, 1 for left click]

You can use some looping and conditional logic, and if you want to use relative mouse movement you should be able to replace xdotool mousemove with mousemove_relative


Actiona is a task automation tool. You can set actions for the mouse, keyboard, find an image in the screen and many more in a user friendly way.

sudo apt install actiona  

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