Ubuntu: Connect Ubuntu to Internet using Android phone (tethering)


I have a SIM card with huge data package. Can I use my Android phone to connect my Ubuntu PC to the Internet?


On modern android phones, the simplest way to do this is to make a wifi hotspot with your phone and connect to that.


I have tested the following guide: http://www.scaine.net/site/2013/10/ubuntu-to-android-tethering-over-bluetooth/ and it works like a charm. Here are the steps:

  1. Phone: make sure that you have enabled data services in the phone and that you can connect to Internet from the browser installed in the phone.

  2. Phone: switch on the Bluetooth, make sure that the phone is visible and enable Bluetooth-Tethering in Tethering & Mobile Hotspot menu.

  3. PC: switch on the Bluetooth (you can search for Bluetooth in Ubuntu launchpad) and add your device. Ubuntu will now set-up the device.

Both Ubuntu and the phone may ask for PIN - one device will display the PIN and you need to enter the same digits on the other device.

  1. PC: your phone shall now be visible in Network Manager - click the small network icon and you should see your phone on the list. When you click the phone name Ubuntu will connect to Internet via the phone.

Voilà, you're now connected to the Internet. For details and screenshots please refer to the original blog post.


Connect your pc to your Android phone with a USB cable and on phone's settings....more settings click on USB tethering option. That's all now you would get internet connection on pc.

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