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I'm using grub customizer to put a background image in grub; when I use an image that is basically grey and black, everything works perfectly; when I use a coloured image, it is ignored; both images have the same size and are both rgb mode;

is there a particular format the image should have?


There are specific requirements that Grub background images must meet in order to work properly.

From https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Displays :

Choosing a GRUB 2 Background Image

GRUB 2 can use PNG, JPG/JPEG and TGA images for the background. The image must meet the following specifications:

  • JPG/JPEG images must be 8-bit (256 color). Else you will get errors saying "Too many Huffman tables". Since most of the time you will not want to limit yourself to 256 colors (which is totally yesteryear) you will probably find PNG much preferable.
  • Images should be non-indexed, RGB.

  • The GIMP image editor is one application which can edit images to conform to the GRUB 2 standards. Use the Image > Mode menu options to set the properties to RGB and ensure the mode is not set to Indexed.

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