Ubuntu: Can't recognize bluetooth keyboard


I'm trying to detect my MSFT Universal Foldable Keyboard using bluetoothctl and It does not show up. When I do hcitool lescan my keyboard actually shows up but it is recognized as an unidentified device.

It is listed in "All types" instead of "Input devices". I believe that has something to do with the pairing I'm trying to accomplish.

When I try to pair with the device using bluetoothctl and pair XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX It does not prompt me a passkey and that is the problem...


I solved this a few moments after posting this. If anyone (especially those with Universal Foldable Keyboard) is unable to get your own keyboard/mouse to not register as an input device, make sure to connect and pair with it using bluetoothctl and then user the Bluetooth Manager gui to get the pin code. (I know, It's a bit weird)

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