Ubuntu: Cannot boot Ubuntu DVD 17.10 in laptop


Linuhackz again. I have a HP Pavilion G7 and I am trying to boot an Ubuntu DVD which has 17.10 on it. My laptop won't boot from it even though I change the boot order. It does not detect the DVD-R I have and I want to boot from UEFI and not legacy (BIOS.) If there are any answers please give them. I want to try Ubuntu Live Session and then install it. I did the instructions as mentioned in the website. I was wondering if I had to use Syslinux.



Maybe there's some problem with the DVD reader or the DVD was not written to properly.

Why not try a USB boot? Download a bootable USB creating software like Rufus, UnetBootin or Universal USB installer. Download the iso file for Ubuntu 17.10 and let the software create a bootable USB for you.

Change the boot order in BIOS and put USB boot at the top. When you boot in next time it should boot to Ubuntu Live.

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