Ubuntu: Can you run the game Kindergarten on Linux [closed]


I have Wine installed, but I can't play any of my windows games. All that come up after I've bought the games is "Game Purchased" in place of where it would ask you to install or play the game. I've played around a little with wine but I can't add any applications when I configure the features.


Most likely you've installed Steam through Linux, not Wine.

Steam is (currently) not smart enough to manage Wine installations and run Windows-only games through the native engine. If you want to play Windows games from Steam on Linux, you will need to install Steam itself on Wine.

Note that this will (usually) mean you have to deal with two Steam installs -- one native, and one installed through Wine. This is just the unfortunate state of Linux gaming at this time.

I would highly recommend you use PlayOnLinux or some similar utility (such as CrossOver) to manage installation and Wine configuration, as they tend to remove most of the complicated Wine configurations that need to be done. However, if you'd rather use vanilla Wine, you can do that as well.

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