Ubuntu: Can Ubuntu have any Input Tool for typing?


In windows we have Microsoft Indic Tool and Google Input Tool for typing. And in Ubuntu we use google input tool in browser only. Can Ubuntu have any Ubuntu Indic or Input Tool for typing. If yes how can I install it?

Note I clear some questions about my question. I know Linux have many input methods and keyboard lay-out for various way of typing. I ask here about name of software which is help during typing and prompt appropriate or dictionary words to user.
1)Whats wrong with general keyboard ? ans-> not wrong anything but Input Tools are awesome and very helpful for common peoples.
I provide some links for clarification:-
I read following links already:-
How do I input text in Tamil?
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I am, using RHEL with xfce now, but I think Ubuntu has the same package and properties.

  1. First add Indian keyboard layout to your keyboard properties.

note: Ensure, that appropriate fonts are installed.

  1. Install package florence:

    $ sudo apt-get install florence  

note: Florence - is an extensible scalable virtual keyboard for X11.

  1. Run this command:

    $ florence  

It looks like this:

keyboard screenshot

Now you may choose your keyboard layout (both virtual and real) ..


To have autocomplete support in libreoffice, you have to install dictionary extension for your native language, for instance here is Tamil Dictionary extension for Libreoffice and openoffice extensions are also compatible if you have any of that kind for your localization support and while typing, just hit space-bar to auto-correct if it says the word spelling is wrong after setting up your native dictionary. And there is also dictionaries as webbrowser addons to have language support for web, specially for Mozilla Firefox. And there is an [m17n-project] (https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/m17n) which helps adding support for new input methods if not available in the mainstream, you can look for your native language support on ibus-m17n and if that is available there, then you just have to install ibus-m17n package by sudo apt install ibus-m17n in terminal and then choosing your preferred ibus input method after starting the ibus-engine. Choose what suits you.


the tool that worked well for me is: https://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/gxliterate-google-transliteration-service-based-transliterator-openofficeorg-indic-languages

its a libre office extension, but serve the purpose, cons: it does not provide option to choose between transliterate suggestions, it directly translates to the language selected, sometimes wrong translation, most of times, accurate transliteration, i am enjoying the same in Libre office writer, it solved my purpose, however it would be better, if there is some shortcut to disable and enable the same, I also tried, https://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/xlithindi , which was developed by CADD, unfortunately it didn't work on Libre office 5, it opened but libre office freezed, so i uninstalled the extension and using Gxliterate, which is working preety well for me.

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