Ubuntu: Can not open cpp excutable after compilation [duplicate]


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I am having problem executing a cpp file after compilation. Here is the text output and how I compile it and try to run.

coovi@coovi-Surface-Book:~/HW9$ g++ -Wall main.cpp -g -o main  coovi@coovi-Surface-Book:~/HW9$ chmod +x main  coovi@coovi-Surface-Book:~/HW9$ ./main  Can not open the file  


You're having problems with your source code. It's executing. The compiling commands were executed correctly. The error is being generated by your program that when it runs.

You'll have to debug your source code to fix it.

It's great practice to code with a text editor. But you might consider using a GUI such as Eclipse to assist in the debugging of your source when it grows a little big for handing.

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