Ubuntu: Can I boot a Live USB *with persistence* fully to RAM, allowing me to remove the disk?


I've learned from this post that it is possible to boot a live usb without persistence entirely into ram. This is done by adding the toram boot parameter as explained in that post.

If we instead have a live usb with persistence enabled (i.e. through a casper read-write overlay filesystem on the usb or the like), is it still possible to fully boot into ram, allowing me to remove the usb drive? It seems that adding the toram parameter only makes the read-only filesystem be copied to ram, but not the persistence overlay filesystem, resulting in I/O errors when removing the usb drive.


No, that's not possible. The persistent file system (overlay) is supposed to be writeable which would fail once you remove the underlying storage medium.

If you only want to use it in read-only mode, it's theoretically possible but I doubt that anybody considered this a relevant enough use case to warrant a simple setting switch. Some assembly required.

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