Ubuntu: Automatically Overwriting or Renaming Image Files in Firefox + Caja


I am using Ubuntu MATE, with Caja as the default file manager. I save a lot of image files, and the saves are temporary, as I upload them to a blog immediately.

A lot of the files have the same name.

I am tired of being asked if I want to overwrite. I can't find any option to either automatically overwrite or automatically rename the file. I also just installed Nemo, and can't see an option there either.

In fact, I would like to just automatically save image files with a right-click option. I guess this would then be a FF issue, as the file manager wouldn't be opened. I have also looked in the FF options, and found nothing about this. I have found an add-on that allows you to double click an image to save it, but that makes no sense as most images link to something so you would be also opening a link.

I apologize for a question that is so open-ended. But surely, someone else has had this issue before. Basically, I just want to save images quicker.

Thank you.

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