Ubuntu: Arrow keys cause touchpad indicator to show


I have an Acer Asipre S7 with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and after updating and rebooting, some unusual behavior occurs when I use the arrow keys or Delete. What seems to be the TouchPad indicator appears in the upper right, and the up and down arrows don't work, nor the delete key. The machine worked just fine last week.

Here is a screen shot when I try to delete the Code directory.

It happens when I try and up or down arrow in a text document too, although left and right work fine.

Edit: I found the Keyboard Layout chart, and the up, down and right arrows don't light up when I push them. If I hold the hey and press down the volume does go down. If I hold and press the up arrow, Chrome launches.

I have looked in the Keyboard settings, but keyboard shortcuts, and nothing looks awry. I'd really appreciate some help!

Edit 2: Just learned about keyboard-configuration, but it doesn't seem to help:

Arrow keys and delete key not working

Edit 3: Here is the content of /etv/keyboard/default

# Check /usr/share/doc/keyboard-configuration/README.Debian for  # documentation on what to do after having modified this file.    # The following variables describe your keyboard and can have the same  # values as the XkbModel, XkbLayout, XkbVariant and XkbOptions options  # in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.    XKBMODEL="acer_laptop"  XKBLAYOUT="us"  XKBVARIANT=""  XKBOPTIONS=""    # If you don't want to use the XKB layout on the console, you can  # specify an alternative keymap.  Make sure it will be accessible  # before /usr is mounted.  # KMAP=/etc/console-setup/defkeymap.kmap.gz  


Is there a (fn) key to enable/disable specific (numpad/touchpad/whatever) functionality?

Also check if your keyboard layout is still correct.

Although outdated and tl;dr maybe useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad/ShortcutKey


I tried sudo showkey on my console and got this result:

11:04 $ sudo showkey       kb mode was ?UNKNOWN?  [ if you are trying this under X, it might not work  since the X server is also reading /dev/console ]    press any key (program terminates 10s after last keypress)...  keycode  28 release  ^[[Akeycode 103 press  keycode 103 release  ^[[Bkeycode 108 press  keycode 108 release  

See if your keys show the same code, if not, maybe this (tl;dr) may be of some help: How can I change what keys on my keyboard do? (How can I create custom keyboard commands/shortcuts?)

[edit 2]

It seems that your binding is indeed incorrect, try this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting


Faced same problem on my Acer desktop. It is actually hardware static energy issue. I solved my problem by shutdown the PC. Opened CPU power cable and pressed power button for 10 sec. After restart it worked fine. In case of laptop may be required to remove the battery and power adapter cord and than press start button !!!

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