Ubuntu: Apply transparent background in GIMP


How can I remove the background and replace with transparency (as represented by checkered background in PS)? And are there any limitations in the file type I can then export the image to?


  1. Select Layer â†' Transparency â†' Add Alpha Channel
  2. Select the background using the Fuzzy Selection Tool (Magic Wand)

    and press the Del key.

GIF will allow you single-color transparency, while PNG has full alpha channel support.


  1. Open the image and choose Select > By Color from the menu.
  2. Click on the color you'd like to remove.
  3. Select Colors > Color to Alpha from the menu and click OK.

This will result in the transparent, checkered background that you're looking for. If the background is made up of multiple colors, just repeat these three steps as necessary.


I've found the following to be easiest for me and I really like the effect.

# Select Foreground
Main Menu > Tools > Selection Tools > Foreground Select

# Select Background
Main Menu > Select > Invert

# Make Transparent
Main Menu > Colors > Color To Alpha



  1. Select: Layer â†' Transparency â†' Add Alpha Channel

  2. Select: Background with Fuzzy Selection Tool (Magic Wand)

  3. Select: Layer â†' Transparency â†' Threshold Alpha...

  4. Set Threshold to 255 for complete transparency.



Maybe a better solution from here but using ImageMagick -transparent is

convert file.gif -transparent white -fuzz 10% file-2.gif`.  

You could use "#ededee" to specify the color in hexadecimal.


Probably more complicated but there is an option to work with multiple layers/frames at once with this solution.

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