Ubuntu: Add Facebook to Pidgin on Ubuntu 16.04


I tried integrating Facebook in Pidgin using XMPP and facebook(XMPP) but it was not working, I am getting Not Authorized. I also saw purple-facebook but it is only till Ubuntu 15.10 (see this). Is there any way to get facebook working in Ubuntu 16.10 on Pidgin.


Pidgin has dropped support for Facebook XMPP as of version 2.12, together with a bunch of other deprecated services. See: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/03/pidgin-drops-facebook-xmpp.

However, according to that same source, Purple-Facebook is still available, only not at the link you give. Instead, get the plugin here: https://github.com/dequis/purple-facebook/wiki


Here is how to add face-book chat to pidgin. directions I am putting here can be found at the following links. I am posting links as a resource.

First you need to install the tools. by pasting following commands in terminal

sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall  sudo apt-get install cvs subversion git-core mercurial  sudo chown $USER /usr/local/src  sudo chmod u+rwx /usr/local/src  sudo apt-get install libpurple-dev  sudo apt-get install libjson-glib-dev  sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev **(not necessary for me)**    git clone https://github.com/jgeboski/purple-facebook.git  cd purple-facebook  ./autogen.sh  make  sudo make install  mkdir -p ~/.purple/plugins  cp pidgin/libpurple/protocols/facebook/.libs/libfacebook.so ~/.purple/plugins  

Compiling things on Ubuntu the Easy Way

Purple Facebook GitHub

in addition-after installing Pidgin would not open. After running pidgin in the terminal. I received the error "could not load overlay scrollbar". If you are not using Ubuntu Unity then you can solve this by removing overlay-scrollbar.

sudo apt-get purge overlay-scrollbar

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