Ubuntu: 60fps 4k video low performance


My laptop runs Ubuntu 16.04 and has the following specs:

  • SSD 256
  • i5 7200u
  • 8 gb RAM
  • nvidia Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M

So ... it properly plays 30fps 4k video on YouTube, but it freezes when I try to play 60fps 4k video though there was no such an issue with it on Windows 10.

I tried different drivers ...
and even different browsers ...
but it still works properly only on Windows ...
but I don't want to go back to Windows!

Further Info:
After having a conversation with NVIDIA support - it was found out that upon YouTube 4k play - Ubuntu highly uses CPU like on this System monitor screenshot:

System monitor screenshot


This link provides some good (mostly still relevant) steps:

Basically, if using Chrome, go to:


You will see a list of GPU features the browser can use. On my up to date Intel graphics system, I see this:

Video Decode: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable  

I expect you probably see something similar. You can try the suggestions on that link of getting video decode working, but I can tell you that you might not get it all working, and it also might not be stable (graphics errors, crashes, etc). The options to change are all in:

chrome://flags (option: "Override software rendering list")  

Again, be warned, these can destabilize your browser performance.

The Ubuntu Desktop team has also been working on this problem and has a call for testing out for 18.04 for Intel. In case anyone gets to this question/answer and has other graphics cards.

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