Ubuntu: 16.04 wifi recently started dropping connection, how to find the cause?


My wifi has until recently worked flawlessly. Returning after 4 days away recent updates have meant that it drops frequently. I am using16.04LTS, my wifi card is a RTL8812AE and some 31 packages were installed by the Software updater. Seeing several threads noting that kernel 4.4.0-77 had at one point been the cause of wifi drops, I removed it and reverted to 4.4.0-75. This did not solve the problem, so I put -77 back with synaptic. Starting from the GRUB advance menu option of 4.4.0-75, seems to make it a bit better but I'm not convinced it holds up all the time.

How can I determine the cause of the drop? What log can I look at? Any possible fixes to using 4.4.0-77 all the time would be much appreciated.

The machine is a dual boot ASUS X555LAB


Before the wifi icon disappears, I lose connection such that I cannot ping the gateway (host unreachable). Starting from Grub option 4.4.0-75 and disabling/ignoring IPv6 does not make it work either

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