Ubuntu: 16.04 - /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyUSB0 do not exist


I'm trying to connect an MSP430fr5969 on ttyACM0 - however, it doesn't look like this port exists. I've added the udev rules and added myself to the dialout group. Is there a way to create the missing serial port, or instruct the device to use a different port?

Output of sudo lsusb -v (only relevant port included):

Bus 003 Device 003: ID 2047:0203 Texas Instruments   Device Descriptor:    bLength                18    bDescriptorType         1    bcdUSB               2.00    bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)    bDeviceSubClass         0     bDeviceProtocol         0     bMaxPacketSize0         8    idVendor           0x2047 Texas Instruments    idProduct          0x0203     bcdDevice            1.05    iManufacturer           0     iProduct                0     iSerial                 0     bNumConfigurations      1    Configuration Descriptor:      bLength                 9      bDescriptorType         2      wTotalLength           41      bNumInterfaces          1      bConfigurationValue     1      iConfiguration          0       bmAttributes         0x80        (Bus Powered)      MaxPower              100mA      Interface Descriptor:        bLength                 9        bDescriptorType         4        bInterfaceNumber        0        bAlternateSetting       0        bNumEndpoints           2        bInterfaceClass         3 Human Interface Device        bInterfaceSubClass      0 No Subclass        bInterfaceProtocol      0 None        iInterface              0           HID Device Descriptor:            bLength                 9            bDescriptorType        33            bcdHID               1.01            bCountryCode            0 Not supported            bNumDescriptors         1            bDescriptorType        34 Report            wDescriptorLength      36           Report Descriptors:              ** UNAVAILABLE **        Endpoint Descriptor:          bLength                 7          bDescriptorType         5          bEndpointAddress     0x81  EP 1 IN          bmAttributes            3            Transfer Type            Interrupt            Synch Type               None            Usage Type               Data          wMaxPacketSize     0x0040  1x 64 bytes          bInterval               1        Endpoint Descriptor:          bLength                 7          bDescriptorType         5          bEndpointAddress     0x01  EP 1 OUT          bmAttributes            3            Transfer Type            Interrupt            Synch Type               None            Usage Type               Data          wMaxPacketSize     0x0040  1x 64 bytes          bInterval               1  Device Status:     0x0000    (Bus Powered)  

Output of ls /dev/:

.  ..  autofs  block  bsg  btrfs-control  bus  cdrom  cdrw  char  console  core  cpu  cpu_dma_latency  cuse  disk  dri  drm_dp_aux0  drm_dp_aux1  dvd  dvdrw  ecryptfs  fb0  fb1  fd  freefall  full  fuse  hidraw0  hidraw1  hpet  hugepages  hwrng  i2c-0  i2c-1  i2c-10  i2c-11  i2c-12  i2c-13  i2c-14  i2c-15  i2c-16  i2c-17  i2c-18  i2c-19  i2c-2  i2c-3  i2c-4  i2c-5  i2c-6  i2c-7  i2c-8  i2c-9  initctl  input  kmsg  kvm  lightnvm  log  loop0  loop1  loop2  loop3  loop4  loop5  loop6  loop7  loop-control  mapper  mcelog  media0  mei0  mem  memory_bandwidth  mqueue  net  network_latency  network_throughput  null  port  ppp  psaux  ptmx  pts  random  rfkill  rtc  rtc0  sda  sda1  sda2  sda3  sdb  sdb1  sdb2  sdb5  sdb6  sdb7  sdb8  sg0  sg1  sg2  shm  snapshot  snd  sr0  stderr  stdin  stdout  tty  tty0  tty1  tty10  tty11  tty12  tty13  tty14  tty15  tty16  tty17  tty18  tty19  tty2  tty20  tty21  tty22  tty23  tty24  tty25  tty26  tty27  tty28  tty29  tty3  tty30  tty31  tty32  tty33  tty34  tty35  tty36  tty37  tty38  tty39  tty4  tty40  tty41  tty42  tty43  tty44  tty45  tty46  tty47  tty48  tty49  tty5  tty50  tty51  tty52  tty53  tty54  tty55  tty56  tty57  tty58  tty59  tty6  tty60  tty61  tty62  tty63  tty7  tty8  tty9  ttyprintk  ttyS0  ttyS1  ttyS10  ttyS11  ttyS12  ttyS13  ttyS14  ttyS15  ttyS16  ttyS17  ttyS18  ttyS19  ttyS2  ttyS20  ttyS21  ttyS22  ttyS23  ttyS24  ttyS25  ttyS26  ttyS27  ttyS28  ttyS29  ttyS3  ttyS30  ttyS31  ttyS4  ttyS5  ttyS6  ttyS7  ttyS8  ttyS9  uhid  uinput  urandom  usb  userio  v4l  vboxdrv  vboxdrvu  vboxnetctl  vboxusb  vcs  vcs1  vcs2  vcs3  vcs4  vcs5  vcs6  vcsa  vcsa1  vcsa2  vcsa3  vcsa4  vcsa5  vcsa6  vfio  vga_arbiter  vhci  vhost-net  video0  zero  

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