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I am writing a program that requires the use of XMODEM to transfer data from a sensor device. I'd like to avoid having to write my own XMODEM code, so I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a python XMODEM module available anywhere?


def xmodem_send(serial, file):  t, anim = 0, '|/-\\'  serial.setTimeout(1)  while 1:      if serial.read(1) != NAK:          t = t + 1          print anim[t%len(anim)],'\r',          if t == 60 : return False      else:          break    p = 1  s = file.read(128)  while s:      s = s + '\xFF'*(128 - len(s))      chk = 0      for c in s:          chk+=ord(c)      while 1:          serial.write(SOH)          serial.write(chr(p))          serial.write(chr(255 - p))          serial.write(s)          serial.write(chr(chk%256))          serial.flush()            answer = serial.read(1)          if  answer == NAK: continue          if  answer == ACK: break          return False      s = file.read(128)      p = (p + 1)%256      print '.',  serial.write(EOT)  return True  


There is XMODEM module on PyPi. It handles both sending and receiving of data with XModem. Below is sample of its usage:

import serial  try:      from cStringIO import StringIO  except:      from StringIO import StringIO  from xmodem import XMODEM, NAK  from time import sleep    def readUntil(char = None):      def serialPortReader():          while True:              tmp = port.read(1)              if not tmp or (char and char == tmp):                  break              yield tmp      return ''.join(serialPortReader())    def getc(size, timeout=1):      return port.read(size)    def putc(data, timeout=1):      port.write(data)      sleep(0.001) # give device time to prepare new buffer and start sending it    port = serial.Serial(port='COM5',parity=serial.PARITY_NONE,bytesize=serial.EIGHTBITS,stopbits=serial.STOPBITS_ONE,timeout=0,xonxoff=0,rtscts=0,dsrdtr=0,baudrate=115200)  port.write("command that initiates xmodem send from device\r\n")  sleep(0.02) # give device time to handle command and start sending response  readUntil(NAK)  buffer = StringIO()  XMODEM(getc, putc).recv(buffer, crc_mode = 0, quiet = 1)  contents = buffer.getvalue()  buffer.close()  readUntil()  


I think you’re stuck with rolling your own.

You might be able to use sz, which implements X/Y/ZMODEM. You could call out to the binary, or port the necessary code to Python.


Here is a link to XMODEM documentation that will be useful if you have to write your own. It has detailed description of the original XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC and XMODEM-1K.

You might also find this c-code of interest.


You can try using SWIG to create Python bindings for the C libraries linked above (or any other C/C++ libraries you find online). That will allow you to use the same C API directly from Python.

The actual implementation will of course still be in C/C++, since SWIG merely creates bindings to the functions of interest.


There is a python module that you can use -> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/xmodem

You can see the transfer protocol in http://pythonhosted.org//xmodem/xmodem.html

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