Tutorial :Why isn't this library linking with a pragma comment?


I'm using Fmod in a project I'm working on in Visual C++ 2008. If I include


in Project->Linker->Input, it works fine, but for some reason if I use

#pragma comment(lib,"../fmodapi375win/api/lib/fmodvc.lib")  

instead it works the same as if that line wasn't there: it builds with no linker errors then crashes with a stack overflow from a million access violation exceptions.

What's going on, and how can I fix it so I can define the lib in code?


I don't think you are supposed to provide the .lib in the pragma comment, but, I think the real problem is that you are calling the comment by path. Add the path to your lib search paths, and then just use a

#pragma comment(lib,"fmodvc")  

You are SUPPOSED to be able to use a path in this comment, but are you sure the ..\ path you are using is the correct path during link time? Also make sure you are NOT compiling with the /nodefaultlib...

Let me know if this still does not work. I've used this type of pragma a lot, with great success...

But, now that I'm pretty much trapped in the C# world, I don't get much time to even program in C++ anymore...


Libs could be linked in another order, so symbols are resolved differently.


Are you absolutely certain it's the same lib file in the two instances?

This can get very weird if you miss the fact that there are two versions of a file on your machine. I seriously suggest you search your drive for all occurrences of this file just to do a sanity check.


Set /VERBOSE on the command line of the link. In the GUI, you can do this on the property page of the project -- add to the "Command Line" node under Linker.

Then it will tell you how it resolved each function -- search for a function you know should be in fmodvc.lib.

Another thing to do is to run PROCMON.EXE during the link (pre-filter so that PATH CONTAINS fmodvc.lib) -- then link. It will tell you the exact location it found the file (and if it ever looked for it). Get PROCMON here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx

Finally, if it's linking, but not loading your library (or resolving the references) -- you might have the option to force the link to succeed set -- you should turn that off. It would be /FORCE in the command line section (like /VERBOSE).

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