Tutorial :Why is Java's GUI platform named “Swing?”


Why is Java's GUI development platform named "Swing"? What does it mean?


This is all I've found so far - it's code name stuck and it was named after swing dancing.


Many of the folks at Sun who worked on Java are into Swing music and Swing dancing.

Duke, the Java Mascot, was named after Duke Ellington, for example.


Swing is not an acronym. The name represents the collaborative choice of its designers when the project was kicked off in late 1996. Swing is actually part of a larger family of Java products known as the Java Foundation Classes ( JFC), which incorporate many of the features of Netscape's Internet Foundation Classes (IFC), as well as design aspects from IBM's Taligent division and Lighthouse Design.

Found here

Here's a history of "Swing"


It actually comes from Swing dancing :)



I'm not sure I understand your question, but Swing is name of the Java UI library and API. (The old, obsolete GUI is called AWT.)


it stands for Something WINdowing Graphics. Don't believe the heretics. Nobody knows what the Something is.

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