Tutorial :Why does this Emacs Lisp snippet break list-colors-display?


I like Emacs to highlight tab characters using the trailing-whitespace face, which I set to be a slightly grayer version of my background color. That way, all whitespace that I consider unwanted (tab characters and trailing whitespace) will have a slightly gray background.

This is the code I use:

(add-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook    '(lambda ()       (font-lock-add-keywords         nil          '(("\t" 0 'trailing-whitespace prepend))       )     )  )  

However, it seems to break list-colors-display: This function still lists all the colors, but they're monochrome. I don't get the dazzling spectrum of colors it's supposed to provide.

Why is this happening? Can it be fixed?


You could wrap your function so it doesn't do the whitespace thing in buffers that start/end in *'s. You probably don't want it in those types of buffers anyway:

(add-hook ...    (unless (string-match "\\*.+\\*" (buffer-name))      (font-lock-add-keywords ...)))  


Unsure why the error. There is a mode available on the wiki that shows tabs (show-wspace.el) that works pretty well.

(require 'show-wspace)  (show-ws-toggle-show-tabs) ; default is no tabs shown, turn it on  ;; the face used is 'show-ws-tab, which you can customize at will      

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