Tutorial :Why do we use 'this->' and not 'this.' to access members?


I was looking at a library a person has made for FaceBook in C++. The header file is this:

#ifndef __FACEBOOK_H__  #define __FACEBOOK_H__    /**   * Facebook Class    * Joel Seligstein   * Last mod: Aug 22, 2006   *   * This is the beginnings of a facebook class set and REST client.  Its not documented   * yet nor nearly complete.  But this is a release to demonstrate its usefulness.     * Please email joel@seligstein.com with suggestions or additions.   *   * TODO: Create classes/parsers for each request type   * TODO: Linux URL launcher   */    //uncomment to have verbose output turned on  //#define fb_debug 1    //define which platform you're compiling for  #define fb_windows 1  //#define fb_linux 1    #include <string>  #include <sstream>  #include <list>  using namespace std;    #ifdef fb_windows  #include <windows.h>  

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