Tutorial :Where is the log file when I'm using svn+ssh?


Title is pretty much the question. I have a post-commit that has taken me ages to get permissions working correctly.

I can run it manually and it works, however, when I actually make a commit (as the same user that I know works manually) nothing happens.

Will anything be logged anywhere? Or can I set up pseudo-logging or something?


Did you try debugging the hook per the subversion directions?

Why aren't my repository hooks working?

They're supposed to invoke external programs, but the invocations never seem to happen.

Before Subversion calls a hook script, it removes all variables -- including $PATH on Unix, and %PATH% on Windows -- from the environment. Therefore, your script can only run another program if you spell out that program's absolute name.

Debugging tips:

If you're using Linux or Unix, try running the script "by hand", by following these steps:

  1. Use "su", "sudo", or something similar, to become the user who normally would run the script. This might be httpd or www-data, for example, if you're using Apache; it might be a user like svn if you're running svnserve and a special Subversion user exists. This will make clear any permissions problems that the script might have.
  2. Invoke the script with an empty environment by using the "env" program. Here's an example for the post-commit hook:

          $ env - ./post-commit /var/lib/svn-repos 1234  

Note the first argument to "env" is a dash; that's what ensures the environment is empty. 3. Check your console for errors.



svn help log  

Unless you're talking about some other kind of logging?

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