Tutorial :Where is the best place to start learning LINQ?


I have read my first book on c# and feel completely clueless about LINQ. Please suggest reader-friendly linq material.



LINQ in Action has been recommnded to me by several people.


Download LINQPad and play with it. It comes with many free samples.


Microsoft created LINQ. So why not start with the Microsoft documentation about it?


As a reference guide Pro Linq is IMO the best one.

Once you are more experienced and want to know more of the internals Programming Linq is the book you want.

Also there are some great blogs out there, Matt Warrens, and Bart De Smets are wonderfull resources for advanced Linq topics.

But the absolute best place to start as a beginner is the 101 linq samples site, and actually try them out.


Charlie Calvert from Microsoft wrote a great blog post here which gives you a good insight into coding with LINQ.

I hope that helps.



I highly recommend Jon Skeet's "C# In Depth". He walks you through the updates .net 2 and 3 which you need to understand to fully appreciate what's going on with Linq. You may also have seen his name around here :)


And I didn't really use this tastes-like-SQL(tm) syntax and use good old mix of methods and lambdas like

list.Where(n => n.Something == searchingFor)      .Select(n => new { Whatever.... })      .OrderBy(xxx)  

Works the same, uses same features, but look less ackward to me. And for the guide I use Intellisense.

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