Tutorial :What's the difference between Coldfusion Developer Edition and Enterprise Edition?


I'm trying to test Coldfusion for learning purposes, but I really don't know what is the aditional features that the non-free Enterprise Edition add to the free Developer Edition.



Legally, Enterprise is for public consumption, and Dev is not.

Practically, this means that the Dev edition (which is the same as the Eval edition after the 30? days) is limited to localhost + 1 IP address. That is, it can serve files to localhost and 1 external IP. This IP can only be reset by restarting the service.

Otherwise, your dev install will mimic an ent install completely.


The developer edition of Adobe ColdFusion Server is limited by IP addresses - only the localhost and 1 other IP address can access the server. Any more, and it will throw license exceptions.

Also, printable items such as documents created with cfdocument and cfpresentation are watermarked with a gigantic diagonal banner over each page.

Otherwise, the dev and enterprise editions both have all the features enabled, including advanced debugging and server monitoring, PDF & FlashPaper generation, advanced gateways, 64 bit CPU support and full database drivers including Oracle - the works.

The Trial edition of ColdFusion is the same as enterprise for 30 days, but then drops to be the developer edition after 30 days - once the license has expired. Do make sure you remember to get your serial number in if you put this on production :)

For reference, see Adobe ColdFusion Editions.


The key is the line: "Used for delivering multiple websites and applications on one or more servers"

The Enterprise Edition allows for deployment for commercial purposes.

The Development Edition allows you to develop locally, but not deploy. The deployment requires Enterprise or Standard editions, or purchasing a hosting solution which handles the licensing for you.


Here you go.

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