Tutorial :What's the best WYSIWYG editor when using the ASP.NET MVC Framework? [closed]


Was wondering what the best WYSIWYG editor that I can embed in a web-site based on the ASP.NET MVC Framework? Ideally it should be Xhtml compliant and allow users to embed images etc.

The only one I've used before is the FCKEditor, how well does this work with the MVC - has anyone tried...?

My main requirements are:

  • Xhtml compliance
  • Deprecate (as best it can) when Javascript is disabled
  • Modify the toolbar options
  • Skinable (at least easily change the look and feel)
  • Easy to use client side api
  • Plays nicely with the ASP.NET MVC framework


As Nick said, the XStandard editor is good, but requires a plug-in...what are your thoughts on requiring a plug-in for web-site functionality?


Additional info:

As Hippo answered, the TinyMCE edit is ideal - for completness here's there download page:


There's a download for .NET, JSP, ColdFusion, PHP and a jQuery plug-in too. Also, there are language packs available.

Been using it for a while now, best editor I've used. Thanks all!


I really like TinyMCE which also should fit your requirements. It is well documented and offers a lot of possibilities to configure.


CKEditor (the next version of FCKEditor) is in beta, but looks like it might eventually be pretty nice.


Here is a good link to using FckEditor with MVC Framework

Using FCK Editor with ASP.NET MVC


Have a look at Aloha Editor http://aloha-editor.org which comes with a new concept: complete frontend editing with no iframe and real WYSIWYG.


Search on the JQuery homepage for a list of JQuery compatible WYSIWYG editors. There are quite a few there: JQuery plugins


I really like the simplicity and extensability of markItUp!

It's actually not a WYSIWYG, but we just changed from using TinyMCE to markItUp quite recently and I must say that it has been working very well!

And best of all, it's very easy to extend.


XStandard fits most of your requirements, but it does require your clients to install a browser plug-in.

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