Tutorial :What tools are recommended for creating Flash animations on Linux? [closed]


I want to make a fairly simple Flash application that will play a slideshow of still images while audio plays in synch with the images. The application will need to change slides according to the timing of the audio. It also would be nice if I could give the user a control to pause and resume.

The catch is that I do my development on Linux. My searches have turned up SWFTools and f4l, but I don't see any obvious way to choose between them. And it's not clear if Adobe's tools work on Linux.

What Flash toolset should I use on Linux to create this simple multimedia application?

Please discuss the pros and cons of your preferred toolset!


If you are a developer then I'd recommend the open source Flex SDK and Eclipse with the Flex Builder for Linux plugin. You will be able to code an application that does what you want pretty easily. To get started with Flex check out Tour de Flex.


I agree with James Ward about using the Flex SDK. Unfortunately, the future of FB in Linux is not clear.

This post contains some information regarding using Emacs to develop Flex in Linux. It might help you out.


you can purchase codeweavers for $39 and install flash MX. If you want open source alternatives then try OSFLASH.


I recommend you use Toufee. Cross platform and quick development time.

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