Tutorial :What refactoring tools do you use for .NET? [closed]


Do you use any of the refactoring tools like DevExpress' Refactor Pro? Which tool do you use and why?

I'm looking for recommendations. Ideally I'd like open source tool that works with VB and C# inside VS2005 and VS2008. If I had to narrow down my list of ideals, I would purchase something for VS2008. Not sure on the language choice, probably VB for now.


I can't recommend ReSharper highly enough. It's not free or open source though. Starts from $US199 for the personal edition that works with both C# and VB.NET


CodeRush, Xpress edition for Visual Studio is free

There is also a series of webcasted tutorials available


Big tick for Resharper, not only a productivity booster with on-the-fly error checking, but also on-the-fly suggestions on cleaner/better ways of doing things, including new naming convention suggestions in latest version. A tool that teaches.


For an alternative to ReSharper, try DevExpress Refactor! Pro.


Code Style Enforcer is one of the add-on maninly for code refactoring. you download and install and it's a freeware too.

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