Tutorial :What is the quickest way to build admin interfaces in PHP?


What's the quickest way to build admin interfaces in PHP?

It can be a framework, a library/libraries coupled with a particular approach, or whatever.

Background: I'm a Django developer spoiled by auto admin who has to deliver a web-app in PHP. The app is very admin-area/form heavy and has different access levels.


On PHP, Symfony, which has admin generators, is probably what you're looking for.


I also suggest symfony. Zend will be too much for small project. if you are building blog, then use Drupal.


I would personally use http://agiletoolkit.org/ It is done in php but allows you to use one of the best frameworks i have seen to build it. They have great support and have answered all my questions.

Check out this page on just the surface of what this framework can do. http://ui.agiletoolkit.org/


Maybe CodeIgniter. Haven't tried it but I had this colleague (PM) at work (a Java shop) always ranting about how he could do everything faster and better if we would be using CodeIgniter.


If you insist on using a framework for this definitely go with CodeIgniter. Its lightweight M-V-C approach really makes project like these a breeze. I build a lot of database driven administrative applications with PHP and have found CI to be a time saver.

Of course it is entirely possible to accomplish this task using nothing more than vanilla PHP and libraries. I have built many administrative / management applications w/o frameworks.

If you have other questions let me/us know.

- Nicholas


The quickest way? Write it by hand. If there's potential for re-use, copy and paste at first, then refactor into libraries. This approach works best if you pretty much know what you're doing. Otherwise, a framework might be the answer.


Have you tried QCodo, which does a lot automatically.

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