Tutorial :What is the maximum record count for a DataGrid in VB.NET?


What is the maximum record count for a DataGrid in VB.NET? Is there any limit?


There is no explicit limitation in a DataGrid.

However it is constrained by both it's internal data structures which tend to count rows in terms of Integer. This means the hard limit is Integer.MaxValue

On a 32 bit system though, you will hit problems long before you hit Integer.MaxValue rows. Every item added to the DataGrid has a certain amount of overhead. If each item only has 4 bytes of overhead, you will max out at Integer.MaxValue / 4. This is really a simplistic view of the problem though because it doesn't take into account other controls, internal WinForms resources, etc ...

How many records are you thinking of adding?


I'm not aware of any hard limit outside the physical limitations of available memory or perhaps Integer.MaxValue. I wouldn't be too surprised if there is, though.

What's more important is that a datagrid is a visual construct shown to real users. Users won't much appreciate a grid with 1000 items it, let alone 100,000+ (which I have seen before).

The point is that rather than worrying about the maximum records you can stuff in there, you're better off implementing paging or a better search mechanism.


The Count property of the DataGridView.Rows collection is an Integer, so the normal range for 4-byte signed integers should apply as an effective limit: 0 to 2,147,483,647

As to what the Rows collection can actually hold, I'm not sure... it would depend on what your application is actually doing.


Apart from Integer.MaxValue, I guess it depends on the memory available to the application & already used.

Why are you thinking of filling the grid with all rows at once?
It doesn't make sense showing users all the records.

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