Tutorial :What is double(C++) in C#?


What is the double type(C++) in C#?

double experience;  

At first,I thought its UInt32,but its not. How to declare it in C#?


This is a question that is dependent upon the particular C++ compiler implementation you are using. The double type can be either 4 or 8 bytes according to the C++ standard. Most compilers do use 8 bytes though. Here are the closest representations

  • 4 bytes: float
  • 8 bytes: double

Reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc953fe1.aspx


It is just double or Double. More specific double is a C# specific alias for System.Double.


Double in C# is Double.

double var1 = 0.123;


Not sure what the question is. A double in C# is the same as a double in C++. double is not an integral number in any mainstream language that I'm aware of.


I don't remember much about C++, but there is a double type in C#.

If you just want larger whole numbers, though, look at long.


C# has the double type as well.

double experience;  

should compile and work just fine in C#.

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