Tutorial :What is the default scope of a method in Java?


If I type:

 void doThis(){       System.out.println("Hello Stackoverflow.");   }  

what is the default scope of doThis()?

Public? Protected? Private?


The default scope is package-private. All classes in the same package can access the method/field/class. Package-private is stricter than protected and public scopes, but more permissive than private scope.

More information:


Anything defined as package private can be accessed by the class itself, other classes within the same package, but not outside of the package, and not by sub-classes.

See this page for a handy table of access level modifiers...


Without an access modifier, a class member is accessible throughout the package in which it's declared. You can learn more from the Java Language Specification, §6.6.

Members of an interface are always publicly accessible, whether explicitly declared or not.


The default scope is "default". It's weird--see these references for more info.


If you are not giving any modifier to your method then as default it will be Default modifier which has scope within package.
for more info you can refer http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_default_access_specifier_in_Java


Java 8 now allows implementation of methods inside an interface itself with default scope (and static only).

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