Tutorial :What are the elements of a team development suite? [closed]


For small-to-large teams developing software together, what tools are used to form a comprehensive team development framework?

Specifically, I'm looking for a comprehensive list of all the individual functions involved (e.g. source control, bug management, testing tools, project management), not specific product recommendations. I'm also not restricting the list to a particular methodology (e.g. Scrum).


  • Source control (obviously) including branch management
  • Issue tracking (features and bugs), possibly with task reassignment and forwarding, and often things like screen recording
  • Individual task management, sometimes integrated with the issue tracking system
  • Communication software. Some teams use emails and IMs even within the same building or tweets. There are some tools that integrated within the code so you could "chat around a piece of code". Screen and application sharing are also useful.
  • Good build tool.
  • Distributed pair programming tools if applicable, shared editors otherwise.
  • Similar support in case tools.

Less commonly used but promising tools (from academic background), some now have IDE based versions.


You've hit the major ones in your post:

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Coding Guidelines (sometimes looked over, but it still helps tremendously)
  • Source Control
  • Testing Suite (Unit Testing, Test Case/Test Script Management and Tracking)
  • Issue Tracking/Bug Reporting
  • Build Management

...I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but somebody around here will correct me.

And the one I missed...

  • Diagraming software (I.E. Rational Software Modeler, etc.)


A few more:

  • Requirements management software
  • Code review software
  • Continuous integration tool
  • Documentation repository - e.g. Wiki

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