Tutorial :What are the best tools for unit testing iphone applications? [closed]


Wondering which tool is considered the best/standard and what the pros/cons are for the various unit testing tools that are available. The tools I'm aware of so far are:

Of course I'd love to learn about any I've missed.


Google toolbox for Mac(GTM) is a superset of OCUnit. It adds more assert macros, and also has a support for UI testing. OCMock is how you can incorporate mock objects into your unit testing environment.

I have just recently created a project and file template for creating static libraries that also has built-in support for unit testing. You can read about it:


And the templates are located at:


The file template gives you an easy way to add a unit test class with all the necessary OCMock and GTM/OCUnit headers.


You may be interested in answers to this question: Do OCUnit and OCMock work on the iPhone SDK?. Some links for short:

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