Tutorial :Visual Studio 2005 Build of Python with Debug .lib


I am looking for the Visual Studio 2005 build of Python 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6, I also need the python2x_d.lib (the debug version of the .lib) since I embed the interpreter into my app and the python libs implicitly link to the python2x_d.lib with pragmas (grrr).

Any hints where I can find those builds ?




I would recommend that you download the Python source (tgz and tar.bz2 zipped versions available) and compile it yourself. It comes with a VS2005 solution so it isn't difficult. I had to do this for a SWIG project I was working on.


If you have trouble finding the debug builds, you can try and build your own. Browse the build directory, for project files like python.vcproj - to locate versions that will work with Visual Studio 2005.


I recall, some time ago, giving IronPython a 'whirl' in VS2005. I ran into all kinds of 'esoteric' errors until I figured out that to compile and run I had to add the C++ libraries and tools of VS2005 as well (add/remove). Maybe this is something similar ?

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