Tutorial :Unable to unzip web2py_win.zip. WINZIP says it is an invalid zip format


WINZIP 12.0 and also WINRAR are both unable to open web2py_win.zip version 1.59 They both say the zip format is invalid.

Please advise what to do.



get 7-Zip it can handle anything. Tho I just downloaded web2py_win.zip from here and had no problem opening it as a compressed folder using plain ol XP. I think you should re-attempt your download / bet it got interrupted


I sometimes notice a server drops a connection during a download or sends a wrong content-length header when downloading files and I get only parts of the file. So try to download again or download from another source.


If you are downloading via FTP, ensure that you do it in Binary mode, rather than Ascii...


Current version (1.66.2) seems to work

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