Tutorial :Unable to set iPython to use 2.6.1 Python


I have installed the newest iPython in Mac. However, it uses the Python verion 2.5.1.

I installed the Python 2.6.1 by MacPython package at here.

How can I make my iPython to use Python 2.6.1?

I am not sure where the MacPython package exactly installed the newest Python. The newest Python should somehow put the PATH so that iPyhon can use it.

[edit] after the first answer

I run the following command

$ln -s python python2.6  

I cannot open python2.6 by



you should have a python, python2.5 and python2.6, is that correct? If you wan't to use python2.6 system wide the symple solution would be to sym link (ln -s ..) python to python2.6 instead of python2.5


A good way to get it to work is here. I needed to restart my terminal before ipython pointed to python2.6. Note the latest ipython distribution is 0.10, not 0.9.

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