Tutorial :Tool / utility for checking debugging XPath queries [closed]


Has anyone got any recommendations for tools/utilities to use in creating/debugging XPath queries for Windows ?


SketchPath looks like it might help (and is free)


If you have Notepad++, there's an XML tools plugin. Among the tools in that plugin is a simple XPath expression evaluator. Sketchpatch is much more complete (I've tried it and it's nice) but if you use Notepad++ all the time it's worth knowing about this plugin.


There is a new plugin for Notepad++: XPatherizerNPP. The biggest advantage it has over XML Tools is the reverse lookup feature.


There are a couple of good options on Codeplex ..

XPathVisualiser at http://xpathvisualizer.codeplex.com/

XMLExplorer at http://xmlexplorer.codeplex.com/


Liquid XML Studio comes with an XPath visualizer. The stand alone version is free in the community edition. If you want to integrate it into visual studio then you have to buy it though.

It highlights the results as you type, and has auto complete on the XPath expression.

alt text


I've been using XmlSpy.

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