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I'm trying to write a Stored Procedure this is what I have so far

Create procedure sp_Create_order  @P_nafn varchar(50),  @P_fj int,  @P_sótt datetime,  @F_kt varchar(10),  @V_nr int,  @L_id int    as   begin      set nocount on    if exists(     select * from Lotur     where L_id=@L_id and     @P_sótt between L_hefst and L_pfrest  )  INSERT INTO Pantar(P_nafn, P_fj, P_sótt, F_kt, V_nr, L_id)   VALUES (@P_nafn, @P_fj, @P_sótt, @F_kt, @V_nr, @L_id)  end  

but I am getting these errors

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure sp_Create_order, Line 14 Incorrect syntax near ' '.

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure sp_Create_order, Line 15 Incorrect syntax near ' '.

on these lines

select * from Lotur  where L_id=@L_id  


@P_sótt, L_hefst and L_pfrest are all dates and I am tryng to put a condition on saying that nothing should be Inserted unless @P_sótt is equal to or between L_hefst and L_pfrest


  • Please use meaningful names for your variables
  • Do not create sp for every thing like the one above
  • Modify the query to have SELECT L_ID NOT SELECT *
  • As for the error, probably you have mistyped something


First of all, I wouldn't recommend prefixing your Stored Procedure with sp_. Performance is at least one reason why it's a bad idea.

Your stored procedure compiled ok for me. Another recommendation would be to use

if exists (     select 1      from          Lotur     where          L_id= @L_id          and @P_sótt between L_hefst and L_pfrest  )  

as opposed to SELECT *. Did you get the error when compiling or trying to use it?


In response to your post about raising errors, you might want to look at RAISERROR. Here is an example of how to use it in Stored procedures

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