Tutorial :Silverlight Design Resources for the Inept


I'm steadily progressing on Silverlight from a programming standpoint. I believe I'm to the point where I want my application to look decent to begin demo'ing. Doesn't have to look awesome, but not like a 2 year old did it (although a 2 year old might be a step above my current design skills). With HTML, you could typically find some designs, credit the author and off you go with a reasonably decent looking web application. I guess Silverlight is too young to have these sorts of resources, or perhaps I'm just having trouble locating them.

Are there any starting points that a lowly developer like me can mold into my application? I don't need anything fancy, just something clean and visually appealing. If the answer is 'sorry chump, ya gotta pay a pro', I can live with that. But wanted to see if there were other avenues I hadn't considered to create a decent looking proof of concept.


Check out the free icons at famfam: http://famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/

The silk ones especially are really slick and have helped me a lot in the past. Good looking icons and buttons go a long way towards polishing the look of your app.

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