Tutorial :sIFR 3.0 and sWmode


Previous versions of sIFR allowed users to enter "sWmode: 'transparent'" to avoid the common problem of Flash objects being overlayed on regular HTML objects on screen, no matter the z-index of either elements.

How do I replicate this behavior in sIFR 3.0?


Indeed, you can use

wmode: 'transparent'  


wmode: 'opaque'  

But also

transparent: true  


opaque: true  

Whatever floats your boat :)

Do note that browsers usually have issues with transparent Flash movies, so usually specifying a background color is the better option.


I think you just need to add:

wmode: 'transparent'  

in the object you send into sIFR.replace()


The expressions will not be interpreted all the same way. E.g. in Chrome 10 wmode: 'transparent' will cause a black background behind the replaced text, while wmode: 'opaque' works like it should. Strange!

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