Tutorial :Set a script to run on a schedule?


How can I set a PHP script to run on a schedule? I don't have full control over the server as I am using a hosting company, I have a PLESK administration for the hosting though.



I believe PLESK has a crontab area underneath each domain.

Alternatively, if you have shell access, here's a good tutorial on editing your crontab from the command-line.


crontab. video tutorial here:



What you're looking for is called a cron job: an automated task that can execute a http request on your server.

Since you're hosted, it's impossible to manually set up a cron job to run. However, many web hosts offer online tools for creating cron jobs through their control panel (cpanel, plesk, etc).

If that isn't an option, there are some paid and SOME free cron services you might be able to find if you poke around long enough.

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